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Believe to achieve.



Senior VP of JORDAN & NIKE 

Believe to achieve.



Senior VP of Jordan, NIKE 

"Sue Marcus is a god send. Help me up my game on every level!"

-Samuel Brock, MMA Fighter

"I'm a professional athlete and Sue helped me out a lot. Great techniques I highly recommend her"

-Clay Harbor former NFL athlete

"I referred one of my patients to Sue Marcus for smoking cessation. Although with acupuncture we eliminated her urges, she had a very powerful emotional attachment to the reason she couldn't quit the habit and she was frustrated and faltering I'm happy to report our mutual patient was successful in breaking the emotional attachment to smoking - and quitting in just one hypnosis session"

-Dana Hoffman, Licensed Acupuncturist

"Sue's relaxation techniques have helped me focus and play better than ever before."

-Thomas Jones, NFL Running Back

"With the help of Sue Marcus' visualization and focus techniques, my concentration levels have increased on the course and in everyday life. Competition nerves are a thing of the past."

-James T., Professional Golfer

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing Sue’s expertise experience and vast knowledge for the building of self confidence , positive enforcement and self motivation , her techniques for meditation and relaxation are immense , she has been a wonderful contributor for the Chicago fire department family and friends events, also the building of  self management for recruits to focus and concentrate on their journey within the department, thank you for sharing your gift!"

LT. Darryl Johnson, Chicago Fire Department

"What a complete difference! Just a relaxed confident presence.
Played well on defense and hit well too."

-A Proud Father

"Sue has been working with me since I came to the league. She has helped me focus on the game and gain the confidence it takes to play the game. With her help I set new records as a rookie."

-Mark Anderson, NFL Defensive Lineman

"Sue has helped me bring things that I think and imagine to reality in my game."

-Tommie Harris, NFL Defensive Tackle

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