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Hi, I'm Sue Marcus.

I first became interested in hypnosis when I was trying to quit smoking, which was interfering with my health and athletic activities. With the help of a hypnotherapist, I was finally able to say goodbye to my 17-year-old habit.

I had been helping athletes stay in peak physical condition professionally for years. Over time I gained unique insight into what drives, motivates and challenges those who place great demands on their bodies. After my success with hypnosis, I realized I had found another set of tools to help my clients succeed.

I began to incorporate visualization techniques into my sessions and my clients saw dramatic results. With that encouragement, I took up a course of formal study and, in 1998, earned my certification in Sports NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Sports Hypnotherapy and Medical Hypnotherapy. With these credentials I attracted more success-oriented clients, including the U.S. Cycling Team and members of the Chicago Bears.

I continue to assist professional and amateur athletes, as well as people from all other walks of life, in building confidence, enhancing focus and eliminating negative thoughts.

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