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Nurture the Fit You

Consider the possibility of weight loss without meetings, diet pills, or dangerous surgery. Whether your issue is snacking or eating excessive portions at meals, overeating is very often the result of unhealthy thought patterns. People use food as a distraction from boredom or unpleasant emotional sensations. Dissociating food from this cycle, or better yet, addressing the root thought patterns that trigger the overeating, is an excellent way to combat this self-sabotaging behavior.

Articles on hypnotherapy’s effect on diet have appeared in numerous publications such as Oprah's O Magazine, Newsweek, Men's Journal, USA Today, and TV's Dateline: The Ultimate Diet Challenge. These reports have been prompted by clinical studies demonstrating that combining good weight loss techniques with hypnotherapy increases total weight lost, as well as greater likelihood of maintaining lower weight.

Start thinking healthy and you will start living healthy. Hypnotherapy can help.

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